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Fixing a blown fuse in three simple steps

A blown fuse might seem like a nuisance, but it is a safety feature that has been added to keep your family safe. Fuses or circuit breakers are blown when the circuit experiences an overflow of electricity. If the circuit remains intact, there is a great chance of the wires catching fire.


When it comes to electrical mishaps, it is always smart to call in the professionals. Electrical circuits are complex and extremely unsafe for anyone without proper knowledge and training. Getting an electrician is now easier than ever. Thanks to the Internet, residential electricians in Northern Beaches are providing their services and information online!


However, replacing circuit breakers is an exception. Doing so is easy and safe, and should never be much of a problem.


Step 1: Identifying a blown fuse

The simplest way to identify if your circuit breakers have blown is when only certain areas of your home are not receiving power.


Step 2: Cutting power

It is now time to turn off the main power switch of your home. At this point, we would like to remind you to always follow extremely electrical safety, which includes wearing rubber gloves and rubber soled footwear.


Step 3: Replacing the fuse

To locate the blown fuse, check the section that corresponds to the areas of your home that didn’t have power. A blown circuit breaker might look cloudy, or have broken glass or plastic pieces inside it. Unscrew the fuse, and replace it with one of the same rating, size, type, and amperage.


Step 4: Power on

Turn the main power back on, and check if everything is working properly. If it is, congratulations! You have just changed your first fuse!


However, if problems persist, call in an expert at the earliest. Trying to fix problems on your own, without having the proper knowledge, often leads to disasters. A smart DIYer is one who knows when to back off and let a professional take over.

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